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Why are custom shipping boxes cheaper than regular sized boxes?

Most people do not even consider using custom shipping boxes because honestly, not many people know that this is an available option. They would surf the Internet for suitable sizes and when there is no standard size that is going to fit the item, panic usually sets in. It is quite common to locate cardboard box sizes that are either small, tall, wide or big for the item that you want to ship. In most situations, people end up opting for a larger size but this is going to bring in extra charges.

The solution to all your problems when you cannot find the right size stands in custom shipping boxes. What you might not have realized is the fact that they are going to be available for prices that are reasonable and they will always be simple and nice. You can choose the size that you need and this basically means saving money that you would pay because of the use of a larger box than you require.

A really good company that specializes in custom shipping boxes of any size that you want will easily offer a good price tag that is worth investing it. A firm that does not have enough experience will usually want to gain as much as possible and will offer prices that are higher. Most think that companies that just appeared on the market will offer the best price tags but this is not actually true.

Differences between standard sizes are higher than you might be tempted to believe. There is no reason for you to pay for that extra space if you cannot also add something else to the box that you are shipping. The only situation in which buying a bigger box is worth it appears when you can also pack other items together with the ones that you initially want to ship.

The last thing that should be mentioned is the fact that you can also gain other advantages by using custom shipping boxes. You are going to double the protection of the item sent because of the perfect fit and this will eliminate damage. There is no longer a need to stuff items and cube weight is going to be reduced. You can even play your role in protecting the environment as you are reducing waste. On the whole, this is definitely a solution that you should think about instead of just opting for standard sized boxes. Convinced that you should go for custom shipping boxes? You can now buy shipping boxes online and get them customized to your heart’s desire!

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