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What to know about insulated shipping boxes

In the event that you need to transport products that have to be kept at a specific temperature, there is a very strong chance that you will require insulated shipping boxes. These are special boxes that are designed to help companies that have to transport poultry, dry ice, fish, tropical fish, meats, chemicals or all products that need a constant temperature while transporting.

Insulated shipping boxes are going to be made out of different materials based on what you actually need. Some companies will require boxes that are going to keep products hot while others need boxes to keep products cold. There are various insulation materials that can be used including thermal blankets, polystyrene, foamed plastic, bubble wrap and metallic sheets. It is also possible to use gel packs that are filled with refrigerator fluid in the event that there is a need to keep items cold.

The great thing about insulated shipping boxes is that they come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes possible. The standard ones are going to be similar to a cube but you can basically opt for any shape that you need so that the items that are transported will be kept cold or hot at all times.

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