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Are card board boxes expensive?

Most people tend to believe that card board boxes are expensive but this is not at all true. In fact, these shipping boxes are the cheapest that you can buy. It can be said that the price tag is actually the biggest advantage that you can take into account when using them although there are also some factors that will influence the price and you might not even be aware of them.

If we are to compare the prices of card board boxes with other possibilities that we can use, the price will be lower in most situations but we can end up paying more for the transportation in the event that we do not properly calculate size. When you use a card board box that is too big, you can end up with space that is not used and you still have to pay for it. It is recommended to seriously consider using custom sized boxes when you transport anything in card board boxes. The initial price tag is going to be higher but you will save money that is paid for the transportation. The bottom line is that you need to calculate everything properly so that you are going to see how to get the best possible price.

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